Monday, October 8, 2007

How to go nuts when selling a house

Add equal parts:
  • Upstairs hardwood that needs replacing in just one (tiny!) spot
  • Paint that is "outdated"
  • Paint that is marked, scuffed, flawed, flaking, or just plain stained
  • Lots and LOTS of stuff that needs to be thrown out
  • B2K - over 2000 books
  • Lots of stuff you don't want
  • A sagging front walkway
  • Condensation in the basement
  • No dining table (or chairs) in your dining room
  • B2K, seriously it's a lot of books
  • A painter who says "one week" but really meant "two"
  • You've hard of this sagging real estate market right?

I guess this is the inverse, or something like that, of my previous post "How to buy a crappy house".


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