Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blog update via Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides the below stats on the site -

Site Usage:
  • 230 Visits
  • 274 Pageviews
  • 1.19 Pages/Visit
  • 91.30% Bounce Rate
  • 00:00:19 Avg. Time on Site
  • 85.65% % New Visits

Content Overview (Page >> Pageviews >> % Pageviews)

  • root >> 128 >> 46.72%
  • /2007/10/b-lloyd-b-gone.html >> 15 >> 5.47%
  • /display?blogID=4883897836513693480&mode=layout 12 4.38%
  • /2007/10/t-win.html >> 11 >> 4.01%
  • /2007/10/is-it-ok-to-digg-your-own-post.html >> 10 >> 3.65%

I can't believe that the teenie tiny number of views/visitors I've had so far has happened. While it pales in comparison to anything even modest in the blogosphere, it's still fun to think that many people have read what I've written. And at least one person has come back!

The site is starting to take a direction I like. People who blog write about this mumbo jumbo all the time, they aren't happy with how "it's going". But now I get it. I have a "voice" for what I'm writing, and know generally what I'm writing about. So far it's a bit less sportsy than I want, waaaaaaay less business content than I want, and a good (too much?) amount about what I'm doing. I want to keep the "what I'm doing" stuff and turn it into tips and more "how to" stuff.

I also need to figure out how to integrate buttoms at the bottom of each post for


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