Saturday, October 6, 2007

Serendipitous ironing

First, no, I didn't spell "serendipitous" right the first time.

But, more interestingly, I came across this item from lifehacker on how to properly iron your dress shirt. I did that this morning (along with a pair of khakis) for a wedding (and brunch) today. Weee, ironing! Wee, wedding!

I doubt highly that I did it "right", but I know I hit the major points my Mom taught me.
  1. Begin with the collar, inside and out, starting at the tips and working your way to the back.
  2. Do the cuffs.
  3. Slide the shoulder onto the end of the board and do the sleeves. Start new the cuff opening then move to the top.
  4. Iron the body. Start at the top and go down. The back is low priority -- it will wrinkles from sitting against the back of a chair or in a car.
  5. Slide the tip of the iron between the buttons.

Iron, or laundry service? Sadly I use a service a lot, but I hope the new house motivates me to wash and iron at home.


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