Saturday, October 27, 2007

No digital cable, no internet!

I'll admit it freely:

I'm stealing internet from a neighbor. So:

Dear Neighbor,

I'm stealing your wireless internet. I apologize, but my digital cable and internet are not working. I'm suffering. Et tu html?

- Me.

I can use regular cable with my tv, but no digital. Thank you Cox Cable, you suck! After 5 different calls, I've got nothing going here. First call I found out they didn't register my equipment at my new address, even though I gave them 2 weeks notice. So they fixed that. The next 4 calls were repeats of me telling them I moved, that things weren't working, and them asking me to turn stuff off and on in various orders.

Oh really??? Turn off the cable box? MAN! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!!!!! Shockingly turning off my TV didn't help, but at least this last guy was really nice and pleasant. What I enjoy the most with Cox is the boiler plate language they use:
  • Sorry for your inconvenience, I apologize for your lack of service.
  • What's your full name sir? Ok Mr. xxxxxxxxx, let's see what I can do.
  • Ok sir, tonight I did _____, and _____, and _____ (which equates to NOTHING!). Have a great night.
And others, but they were other stupid things. I loved the last bullet with every call. It made it more laughable when nothing worked.

Oh, and your voice recognition system SUCKS. And it shouldn't take me 3 minutes to get to a person to get help if I constantly press 000000000000000000000, or yell "TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE!"

So the final recommendation??????????????????????????????????????????????????

"Well Mr. Jefferson" they used my street name instead of my real name, "I recommend you take your equipment in to have it replace. Can I recommend the Richmond location to you?"

Let's just say, I don't live near Richmond.

I'm hating you Cox. Expect a pissed off call in 8 weeks to tell you I hate you, and I want a lower rate.


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