Tuesday, October 9, 2007

House buying update

  • Radon - they agreed to remediation without an additional test, nice
  • Aluminum wiring - we got electrician confirmation that the wiring was to the A/C and included copper splicing
  • Bath fan - fixed the next day
  • Crawl space door - replaced
  • Financing - almost all the paperwork is in, need to find some conclusive bank statements that include CDs
  • Home insurance - Seems like I'll get some temporary insurance to be canceled post-marriage when I go with USAA.

Overall: B+, still have worries about moving things in, getting paperwork finalized and signing a billion papers

Agent: C+, great job helping us with the search, initiating the contract and moving paperwork along; sucky job negotiating for us, seems to be afraid of their agent. My cynical nature forces me to wonder if she's more focussed on her commission and not letting tension enter the negotiations, and less on getting us the best house and terms possible.


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