Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Santana Loss

Better late than never.

Santana Moss, the modest mouse sized Redskins WR, stands at the heart of the Skins recent loss to the Greenbay Packers.

Lots of observations exist on the loss, but by all accounts (including one Mr. Joe Gibbs), the most electric player for Washington STUNK.

Drops? Check.

Catches? Nil.

Yards? Nil.

Greenbay's MVP? Basically.

Total stats? 1 rush, for zero yards, with the lost fumble. I've seen counts of 4 drops.

So the blame rests squarely on Moss.

I almost respect him more for having taken himself out of the game. Kneejerk (emphasis on jerk) reactions are that he gets paid too much to not play the entire game. But hey, if you are sucking it up, get out of the game.


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