Monday, October 22, 2007

Selling the house stats

Great service offered by my real estate agent (, every Monday you get an automatic email with the updated stats on your house.

What are these stats? Typically it will be click/view stats on your listing and virtual tour, and then once people start actually visiting the house, you get told how many people etc. Very cool.
Plus, since it is auto-generated, it's an extremely low-cost (both time and money) customer service action that is beneficial to me.
Here are our first weeks' stats (from very early Saturday to Sunday night):
Tour View Details:
Tour created date: 10/20/2007
# of times the tour has been emailed: 0
# of times the tour has been viewed: 16
# of times the tour has been downloaded: 0
Average tour views per day: 8.00

# of views by location = 8 = 3 = 1 = 1
Our website or other portals = 3
Total Tour Views: 16


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