Monday, October 1, 2007

Nats Notes and Nots

Nats do NOT get into the playoffs:


Philadelphia 89 73 .549 -

NY Mets 88 74 .543 1.0

Atlanta 84 78 .519 5.0

Washington 73 89 .451 16.0

Florida 71 91 .438 18.0

Thanks to the crack (as in drug, not quality) staff of the folks, we get this gem. Yes, we exceeded expectations, but only because they were catastrophically wretched.

Dmitri, if he recovers from his noggin' injury, will play 1B for most of the year as we await a slow recovering Nick Johnson.

We have, at best, three #3 starters. Patterson was, IMHO, a flash in the pan in his best year. And he never really did much then either.

We still have no starting SS.

No starting CF.

Multiple starting LF/RF options.

And there's the decreasing weak hitting catcher.

So we'll see next year. The Nats keep yapping a lot about the low end of the minor league system, but it isn't helpful until they prove themselves in the MLB's.

PS: Can we give Justin Maxwell a lot of ABs in spring training? All he did was hit the crap out of the ball in his limited spots.


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