Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Closing, or talking?

In real estate, closing is supposed to be the process whereby you finalize the deal on your house.

It should be immediately followed by a walk-through of the place you are buying.

Why italics?

My closing is totally up in the air. First they were complaining that we weren't going to do it early enough on Friday. Why? They have to have the money so they can close on a new house Friday PM.

So I said fine, let's do it Thursday. But then the settlement attorney said if they HAVE to have the money, guaranteed, for Friday, we should close Wednesday. Fine.

Then they complained Wednesday was too early. $#$$#!@$Q#$^!!!!

So why not just say "It has to be Thursday" to begin with??? And where's my agent in all this? She's emailing me, telling me my closing attorney is confused.

So I've stepped out. I said, no mas for me. You people figure it out, tell me when and where to be. DANG!

Let's just step back though. Should I even give a hoot about their stupid Friday PM closing?? It's THEIR fault they scheduled it when they did. I should just stick it to them. But yet I won't. BOO to me.


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