Sunday, October 14, 2007

HS Reunions, bring it on

While not mine, it's still fun to watch all the awkwardness that goes on, and the cliched conversations. Especially the personalities.
  • Super excited girl - She's very very excited and keeps telling you. You probably weren't friends with her, but she hugged you nonetheless.
  • Wow, what a dud - Used to be the cool guy that all the girls had a crush on, not anymore. Not much hair, but he made up for it with a beer gut. And he drives the same car as in high school.
  • You look great! - Lost a lot of weight, or her face cleared up finally. She's most likely to secretly be thinking of this as her chance to prove all of your egotistical jerks wrong. And she probably has 3 cats.
  • Ohhhhhhhhh - not doing well, working at BestBuy, but I hear his pad in his parents basement is looking pretty sweet.
  • I can't believe s/he came - there are at least 2 random people there, someone who flew in from the other coast, or someone you literally haven't heard of at all in X years.
  • Who's that? . . . Who? - No one knew you then, or now.

I'd like to think at my 5 year reunion I was "Oh, yeah, him" and none of the above. But it was nice to learn that people thought I and my friends were totally nuts and did drugs! (Disclaimer: we were nuts, but we did no drugs)


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