Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nats v bAAAltimore

Great day for a game:

(You know that picture you've taken that you think is amazing, and you show all your friends, and they humor you by saying "Oh yeah, that's awesome dude...." well the above is my version of that picture. I dig it, and I now have "proof" I'm a great photographer)

How do we know we're heading to the game? No, not the massive amount of construction and peddlers and protestors ("vendor gentrification"??? I guess they didn't see the vendors inside...) No no, because of fancy street signs:

Did someone say "Presidents Race"?

They did, and how do we know, there's a GIANT sign:

And guess who isn't in this picture, coming in a lame last place, again:

Best beer selling machine ever (check out the standard issue Hawaiian shirts with the big "w" on the chest for the vendors):

New year, same old lines (and it's blurry because of the migraine everyone got from the lines):

Hey look, new year, same old sucky Screetch:

Does any other MLB team have cheerleaders?

(and it took me about 15 pictures to show some girls in skirts????)

Tommy J knocking over fans after his victory:

(I also lamely named this "Jefferson Moving On Up" on my phone, I'm a dork)

I think I know the name at the top of the screen. And if so, Mr. Mark Fratto loves puppies, old people, and kids:

Oh, this picture made me famous today:

Marching triumphantly towards the real 2008 season:

So what did we get out of the evening? That's right, a useless yet regionally important:


Tyler Hansborough is the future of the human race

It's true. Just look at that freakishly tall fellow with the ever-flushed cheeks.

Someday, all of humanity will be 6'11" 275lbs and run a 4.5 40yd dash. We'll all have 40" verticals, and dive on the office floor to prevent a bagel from becoming a team rebound.

Mark my words, future of humanity. You will all wear white and tarheel blue jerseys, and have a coach named Williams.

Done and done.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Please listen to the menu, as it has recently changed


WHEN? When did your magically delicious menu change? Last year? Last week? TELL ME!

Otherwise, all you have done is stolen 8 seconds of life I can't get back

And while we're at it, super automated system, why do you always ask me for my account number and then have the non-automated human re-ask me for the number? Did you ask me for it just for fun? Is this a little game you play? Do you and all your computer buddies (Mr. ATM, Mrs. Model, Mr. Coffee, Dougie the DVR) giggle about this when you get together?

Well if you do, I hate you! (except I hope you didn't hear that, because you cute little machines make my life run smoothly)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

[Quiet speech, please...

[Quiet speech, please listen]. listen

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Jott on I. It's(?) a...

Jott on I. It's(?) a test to see if my test Jott will work and it will automatically post to the blog, if so, that means this will be the first update to my blog in a few days and it totally useless in service, no purpose. Thanks. listen

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Getting Dawg'd

The underdog Georgia Bulldogs took on a much stronger Xavier program at the Verizon Center earlier today. And boy did they get screwed.

There were too many botched calls to specifically detail, but the calls took the bite out of their first half bark. More importantly were the improbable no calls going Xavier's way. They literally held GA's star senior PG the second half, curtailing the offense and causing a lot of obscenities to be hurled.

And so now the Bulldogs are lounging in the stands, killing lot of time till next season or the next phase of life.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The best of the darn good - tips and tricks for easier life processes

I am stealing the below liberally from The Best of Lifehacker in Upgrade Your Life. But here is what I found to be their best tips:


Hack 4: Highlight Messages Sent Directly to You
"When faced with an inbox full of new, unread email, it's nearly impossible to determine which messages need to be dealt with right away, and which can be put off until later."
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Outlook tip: Color code messages addressed only to you

Highlight messages addressed to you in Thunderbird

Hack 11: Organize Your Documents Folder
"If you frequently find yourself letting files clutter your computer's desktop, or if you spend time arranging files in a deep, complicated hierarchy of folders, it's time for a revamp."
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Organizing "My Documents"

Hack 13: Overhaul Your Filing Cabinet
"One of the main clutter culprits in most offices is the To File pile. Often this heap spontaneously appears right on top of or next to the filing cabinet, which is pretty silly. Instead of adding stuff to the pile, why wouldn't you just file it? The reason is generally an unworkable, messy, overflowing file cabinet."
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Extreme makeover, filing cabinet edition

Hack 33: Take Great Notes
"Taking effective notes is a critical skill that moves your projects, your career, and your education forward. This hack covers three practical note-taking methods, as well as how to make your own custom notepaper."
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Take great notes

Take study-worthy lecture notes

Make your own personalized notepaper

Make your own PDF notepaper

Hack 34: Organize Your Life with Remember the Milk (New in 2nd Edition!)
"Now it's more important than ever to consolidate your lists into one, always-accessible place. There are dozens of robust, free online organizers out there, but one of the most stable and mature in the bunch is a web application called
Remember the Milk."
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Get Organized with Remember the Milk

Hack 42: Make Your House a Usable Home
"Your home should be a tool that helps you get things done, a space that's a pleasure to be in and a launch pad for daily tasks as well as your life goals."
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The Usable Home

The usable home redux

Hack 51: Batch Resize Photos
"Everyone likes to email digital photos, but no one likes to receive pictures that are so huge they take forever to download and require you to scroll left and right and up and down to see the entire image."
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Ask Lifehacker: batch resize photos

Ask Lifehacker: batch resize photos, part II

Rename your digital photos in bulk

Hack 54: Speed Up Web Pages on a Slow Internet Connection
"When you're surfing the Web on a slow connection, it can seem like grass grows faster than the download progress meter on your web browser turns."
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How to survive a slow Internet connection

Hack 56: Become a Scheduling Black Belt with Google Calendar
"This hack covers more advanced uses for GCal, such as adding and getting events from anywhere, subscribing to multiple calendars, sharing calendars, booking inanimate objects such as a conference room, and inviting multiple people to events."
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Black belt scheduling with Google Calendar

Hack 57: Scan Text to PDF with Your Camera Phone (New in 2nd Edition!)
"You're looking at a whiteboard full of notes or a paper document you want to copy quickly. Instead of manually transcribing the text, you can "scan" the information using a digital camera, including the one built in to your cell phone. Web application
Qipit turns digital photos that contain text into PDF files for you automatically."
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Turn Your Digital Camera into a Scanner with Qipit

Fax from Your Cameraphone with Qipit

Hack 59: Automatically Back Up Your Files to an External Hard Drive (PC)
"Backing up your data could possibly be the dullest — yet most indispensable — thing you do on your computer. But who remembers to do it? You don't have to."
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Automatically back up your hard drive

Hack 61: Automatically Back Up Your Files Online (New in 2nd Edition!)
"Hurricane Katrina victims can tell you that no matter how diligently you back up your computer to a local hard drive—as detailed in Hacks 59 and 60—you will still lose your photos, documents, and other important files if you don't keep a copy off-site, preferably out of state. "
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Download of the Day: Mozy (Windows/Mac)

Hack 68: Automatically Update a Spreadsheet
"A spreadsheet is a great way to track progress on any type of undertaking that involves numbers—like how much weight you've lost, how many widgets you made, how many miles you ran, or how many cigarettes you smoked. But who remembers to update his spreadsheet by hand?"
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Script: Log your weight over time with Excel

Hack 71: Carry Your Life on a Flash Drive
"Instead of lugging around your laptop, or emailing yourself files, store your favorite software applications and important data on a thumb (flash) drive about the size of a car key."
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Carry your life on a thumb drive (or iPod)

Build your "PC on a stick" with MojoPac

Quicklaunch your USB workspace

Vacation Tips: Ditch your laptop for a thumb drive

Hack 79: Turn Your Cell Phone into a Modem
"You're stuck with the laptop in the land of no internet, but you have unlimited minutes or a great data plan on your cell phone. What to do? Plug that phone into your laptop, of course, and get surfing!"
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Use your cell phone as a modem

Hack 82: Subscribe to Web Sites with RSS
"Like a magazine subscription that automatically brings each new issue to your door, you can subscribe to web site feeds that push information to your door."
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RSS for newbies

35 (more) things you can do with RSS

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Hack 85: Extend Your Web Browser
"The best feature of popular open-source web browser Firefox is its openness: the browser was built so that anyone can write a feature-adding extension for it."
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Hack Attack: Firefox extension packs

15 Firefox extensions with download links

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Hack 87: Get Ten Must-Have Bookmarklets
"Bookmarklets can enhance web pages, add special functionality, and make your browsing experience a lot more efficient by offering one-click access to useful tools."
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Ten Must-Have Bookmarklets

Hack 92: Take Your Browser Configuration with You
"Now that you've tricked out your copy of Firefox with extensions, bookmarklets, sets of bookmarks, and Quick Searches, the last thing you want to do is have to set it all up again at another computer. If you get a new computer, or want to transport your settings at home to the office, a handy utility called MozBackup can help."
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Ask Lifehacker: Moving Firefox to a new computer

Hack 98: Clean Up Your Startup
"When it comes to computer slowdowns that get worse over time, one of the biggest culprits is software installations that plant themselves in your PC's login sequence and start up automatically with your computer."
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Manage your Mac and PC's startup

Download of the Day: AutoRuns

Download of the Day: CCleaner 1.34.407 (Windows)

Streamline your Windows startup

Hack 100: Truly Delete Data from Your Hard Drive
"The only sure way to securely and permanently delete sensitive files—like a customer database, secret company documents, or personal photos you don't want the guy who buys your hard drive on Ebay to see—is to overwrite them several times with new data."
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Download of the Day: Eraser

Permanently delete data from your hard drive

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Investment areas for home efficiency

Ways to Save for Weatherization Annual Savings Cost
Control air leakage
Insulate your ducts
Improve insulation
Seal leaks in air ducts

Ways to Save for Cooling Annual Savings Cost
Replace your central air conditioner

Ways to Save for Lighting Annual Savings Cost
Use Compact Fluorescent bulbs in recessed fixtures

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