Friday, November 23, 2007

Remember when Xzibit made music?

Xzibit, remember him? He used to make music, now he pimps rides (and I tend to watch, dang).

He also happens to be 33, hasn't blogged since September 18th.

According to his discography he last put out tunes in 2006. I know I'm not a hip-hop fanatic, but I do listen. And I haven't heard of any of these:
1. Invade My Space ft/ Jelly Roll
2. Rollin’ ft/ Jelly Roll
3. Ram Part Division
4. Say It To My Face ft/ Kurupt & Don Blaze
5. The Donnell Rollins Show (skit)
6. Scandalous Bitches
7. Concentrate
8. On Bail ft/ The Game, Daz & Kurupt
9. Family Values
10. Black & Brown ft/ Jelly Roll
11. The Whole World
12. Poppin Off ft/ DJ Quik & King T
13. Movin’ In Your Chucks ft. Too Short
14. Thank You


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