Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Eating machine

That is what I am today.

  • Morning shake with fruit (mix of berries and others) and a spot of protein
  • At least 4 little pastries with chocolate at a meeting
  • Two mini kit-kats left out for an idiot to take
  • Spicy flaxseed chips from Trader Joe's (http://traderjoes.com/product_categories.html)
  • Half of the pasta, chicken and veggies that are leftovers from last night's dinner

It's a bit hard to do all the math, but I'm fearful of the pastries. That tasted like at least 200 calories per. The shake was no more than 200, so that's 1000 there. Two mini kit-kats has to be at least 300, the chips are about 200, and the actual lunch I brought is 500. So that's a robust 2,000 for the day.



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