Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lost in Translation

Amid the poor on-field performance of the Terps this season, there appears to be a new "factor" in the loss to UNC: signal calling mixups!

As mentioned on the Sun's excellent Terps blog (,"

"It's a combination of things," Turner said. "Coach Friedgen calls a play over the headphones and then we signal it in. I don't know. I just call the play that's signaled to me. I don't know if it's him saying one thing wrong, or the signaler saying one thing wrong ... a lot can go wrong."

Let's examine this further:

Play called by Fridge over the system >> play goes to play caller >> play caller signals Turner

Let's assume that Ralph, with his many decades of professional experience isn't messing things up. So is the mix-up residing in Turner or this mystery person? And let's call that person Sordan Jeffy.

If it's not "Sordan", then who IS signaling the plays?

And nice of Turner to imply that he's definitely not making any mistakes on plays, I'd love to hear Ralph's take on that…

And is our rehabbing line mixing up blocking schemes? Are WRs running the correct routes?


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