Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to fill void of no tv? With tv, duh.

Sure, there's that little "writer's strike", and shows are derailed (Leno, Letterman, Daily Show, etc). Wah wah wah.

Ok, I do shed a slight tear for Friday Night Lights and The Office. After that I miss The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

How can one find a way to fill that void? Which, in 2003 was 1,745 hours a year, or 145 hours a month, which is six complete days of TV a month. Ah, if only. No no, or yes. Either way.

How to fill the void? Sure, there's weird answers like reading, or exercise or even . . . human interaction.

But forget that crazy wacko hippy stuff. If I want to waste time, I'll go hug a tree (and I have the t-shirt to prove it). Here are REAL options:
  • Sports - its competition, usually violence, hero worship, and fits the stupid "reality" genre (it's real people so it's reality)
  • Cable - There's this Home Box Office thing, I heard in the 80's it was pretty sweet. I also heard they had a popular show about NJ recently, I dunno
  • YouTube - If you really search YouTube, you really should try hugging a tree, it's more fulfilling
  • Surfing - Just straight out interweb surfing, that was big in the late 90's, so it's delightfully old school
  • TV online - All those weirdo networks, they put almost all their shows online. Here's The Office, enjoy.
So there's 5 easy options. Be about it.


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