Monday, November 19, 2007

On-demand only tv model?

I've been decreasing my tv consumption recently with the lack of good programming, steady demands for time, a conscientious effort to not over watch silliness, and overall lack of interest.

In tv's place I've been listening to the radio more, and just been a busy fellow. Tonight, I wondered "Could I just stop paying my full cable bill, and only pay to watch the 2-3 shows a week I watch?"

It's a matter of economics in part.

I pay for cable, plus a digital service so I can TiVo stuff (plus internet). But what if instead of $60/month (or so) I could pay $2/per show? Would I watch as much? Do I "value" shows at that rate?

I'd like to pay attention to how much I watch a week and divide that by the total monthly cable cost. I do watch a lot of sports, but I could cut back I bet.

An interesting thought experiment...


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