Friday, November 23, 2007

"The Family Man" - thoughts

The movie.

I've seen the end of this movie before, and maybe 33 seconds of the beginning, but I'm in it for the long haul, till the end.

Based on what I know of the movie at 8;33pm, here are my thoughts.

You ever wondered about decisions you've made in your life, and how they could have resulted in a totally different life? Yes, I'm channeling the Talking Heads. So here are the moments at my ripe old age I can think of (not in chronological nor significance order, just off the top off the noggin'):
  • Joining the cross-country (XC) team the sophomore year of high school (HS). My lab partner, who I kind of knew since 7th grade, asked me to join. I randomly said yes, for absolutely no reason. NONE. This to me is the biggest decision I've ever made, and it was random. It may not be that important, but it has felt like that to me (to date). But I joined. My grades improved. I made two of the best friends of my life. I ran a lot. We laughed a lot. I made other great friends. We did a LOT of dumb stuff. I mean a lot, and it was awesome. They've to this date had more impact on my life over anyone but my parents. If one of them was a girl, I'd say they were my other parents. But K's not that cute (he does have nice eyes though). But all this helped me reshape my life and where I was going. It did lead me to want to go to UPenn and get a business degree and law degree. And I got turned down.
  • Rakhi the Gupta. She suggested I apply to Bucknell, as a "safety school", because she was going there. WOW. I got turned down pretty much everywhere, except for the Honors program at MD, and Bucknell. My Dad told me to "go away to college", and I worried about the cost implications (which were HUGE), and so I did. Had I been to Bucknell prior to my decisions? No. Did I tell the alumni interviewer that I wouldn't go there because I was going to UPenn? Did I write out my application with pen? Both yes's. Wow, again, wow.
  • I never listened to my Dad when I was little and learned to switch hit before the age of 17. Had I done so, I very well may have been a better baseball player. Had I been better, I may have gotten into UPenn, or at least played ball at Bucknell. This would have changed things. Don't know how, but it would have. At least I may have been "cooler" in HS, and for sure I wouldn't have joined XC. Baseball in HS was a pain because I didn't get along with most of the other guys. Um, they were jerks. It's true. Ask around.
  • Not taking a job with Accenture . Remember them? (holy crap they still exist! good for you guys) I had an offer with them my senior year of college, comparable to my PwC offer. But I thought PwC would be better (this was after a trip to NYC up in the World Trade Tower's restaurant and hearing about soaring bonuses, ha!!!!!!). This turned into an offer to go to DC instead of NY/NY. Wow, awesome. This was huge. It may be bigger than the HS XC thing, but that one preceeds this, so the potential impact is larger.
  • Joining PwC softball. Thank you CD! You offered to join the team after you heard I played ball, and we were slightly friends, and it was awesome. First, I had tons of fun and made more great friends. Second, it led me to a particularly cutie I hope to spend the rest of my life with (Hey you, don't mess it up! ;-) Plus you're the only one reading this).
I think that's the list. At least as I'm aware of it at this particular point in time. More to come I'm sure.


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