Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I don't care about the Amazon Kindle

I know dork tech bloggers love writing about the newest of new shiny things. And the 450th version of an "eBook" may in fact be the one that sticks. But could you guys keep your reviews to less than 15/person/day? And could you stop linking to each other and writing a review of a review of a review? And then a point by point counter to that re-re-review?

What I want is an RSS reader where I can vote on liking or not liking content (because by "reading" it I evidently like it) and then maybe it would learn to pre-screen entries almost as if it were junk. Then I can pop into the posts labeled as junk and scan them there. And then there could even be a "recommended" tag from Google Reader to tell me that it's learning and these are what it has for me.

Till then, I get 98 posts a day on the Kindle.


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