Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You down with OPP?

That has a different meaning back in the 90s, and I don't mean the Ontario Provincial Police:

I mean "Other People's Pictures".


This should be one of the Golden Rules of the internet (especially blogging):

Don't post other peoples' picture on the internet, UNLESS you have their permission.

Why? Well for one, it's rude. B, everyone should own their own likeness and physical representation. You shouldn't be allowed to post my image without my consent.

See, TV shows have to explicitly get your permission to put your image on TV. They put big signs outside a club or venue where your image may get used. But why not a private citizen? Especially if they have Google's AdSense enabled?

ESPECIALLY if you are going to post libel or slander against someone, or their personal information (with great emphasis on their address, or any personal life conduct that an employer may find).

I'll cover other topics you should not include on the internet (guess what, don't post your credit card number!) soon.

And let's be very clear, NEVER EVER post the picture of a child without parental consent.


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