Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pack 'em up

Finally beginning the process of packing up the hosue in earnest. ALL the books in the basement have to be packed, ideally I'd like to donate at least half of them before truly moving. It's about 9-10 bookshelves worth down there alone. Then another 4+ in the spare bedroom, 4 in the study, 2-3 in the family room, and half a bookshelf in the office (plus others sprinkled throughout the house).
In addition, I have a good bit of Steve's stuff left over, which I have to get to Ben/Jake/Tim. And, I also have a bit of Tim's stuff.
And then there's my old toys my Mom dutifully kept. I'm hoping some can be sold? I hate to just throw them away, but I guess at worst I can keep them and figure out what to do with them at a house we buy.
I'd love to get all the big items packed as well (beds, bookcases, etc), but they are needed in the house when it is shown so that the places looks livable. Which means I'll have to move all that stuff separately from the stuff I pack in the PODS container.


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