Friday, September 7, 2007


Oh, those freaky animals continue to bedevil me.

Sure, it was cute when I was little when I called them "squeeeerels".

But when they find a random hole in the underside of your roofing, and then sneak in, and make "messes" in your attick, and burrow under your insulation, well that's just not cool!

So I attempted to put some sort of a contraption up there tonight to hold them at bay. I'm very concerned about the implications of this finding with respect to selling the house.

So hopefully I can come up with a solution that is both simple and permanent.

But as this goes, it reminds me of all the things (issues) I may find with the house, and how much it may benefit me to sell the place "as-is". Still not sure on that yet.

Plus I have to meet with the fancy pants "stager" who will tell me what to remove from the house.


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