Friday, September 21, 2007

157lbs / 18.0%

The goal is to get the body fat down to 15%.

At 157# and 18.0% I have 28.26# of fat on me, and to get down to 15%
body fat at my current weight I'd need to lose just under 5#. But
there's some more complicated math on this that is required, I think.

I think 0.1# of muscle a weak is more than feasible, as is 0.5# of
fat. So in 10 weeks I should hit my (conservative) goal.

This assumes I eat a healthy diet (thanks to the building manager who
today put out free apples), and exercise. As long as moving furniture
and boxes counts as exercise, I'm set. I need to establish a routine
to at least do sit ups, squats and push-ups in the morning. 20 of each
is at least enough to help me out.

Doing the same at night would be easy and helpful as well.


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