Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Skins win?



Washington 3 7 3 7 20 Final

Philadelphia 0 6 3 3 12

It all boils down to us scoring TDs, and they didn't. Skins D came up big, their's didn't.

And McNabb? Yeesh. Not a lot of scrambling there, he's now a pocket passer with a not so great O line.

And does anyone know why the "Iggles" (or here or here) went away from Westbrook? Good decision there.

No pass rush from the Skins, and very minimal blitzes.

Gibbs is playing it close to the vest, and still getting results (against weak opponents). If we were losing and he was still letting the Offense be so timid, it would be a bad situation in DC.

WaPo covers here. Meanwhile the Nats won!


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