Friday, September 14, 2007

Slip Slop Dan and the Hallelujah Gang

For a couple of years, me and two of my best friends would always joke about a "band" we were going to start.

Did it matter none of us play an instrument? Did it matter none of us can sing? (though I do think I can do ok if needed) Heck no! It was fun, and thinking about songs and silly lyrics and album covers were what it was all about!

In High School we called ourselves "Slip Slop Dan and the Hallelujah Gang", but later in life (when we were much more mature) we became Big Guy Painting.

During one of my many bouts of boredom at work I put "pen to paper" and developed some album covers, album art, and even some lyrics:

Oh yeah, see that "Big Guy Music" at the bottom? We were going to start a company, "Big Guy Amalgamated" which would be the parent company of our various companies. The first was of course "Big Guy Painting", shockingly a painting "company" between myself and the handsome gentleman above.

This was the back of the CD, complete with the list of songs:

Here's an example of one of the songs, and the horrible lyrics:

For 5 minutes of thinking, not thaaaaaaat bad I don't think.


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