Sunday, September 16, 2007

House hunting - Blah

Weekend #2 of serious house hunting, and it didn't go well.

Is that an accurate statement? Narrowing down your possible field of options is a positive, so removing options is clearly "good". However, it's a pain and feels like a major waste of time.

We have a solid set of criteria for reviewing options:

  1. Ease of commute: I go west of DC, she goes downtown
  2. 3BR & 2BA+: We want to make sure it will accommodate us as we grow into an actual family, so having enough space for little people (not "midgets", duh) is necessary
Uh yeah, that's about it. Ok, sure, price is always a consideration. Everyone always has to be within their budget, and given the recent sub-prime market crisis you need to really make sure you have a solid and affordable loan.

But this weekend? DUDS!!! Every house needed near three-digit upgrades/fixes to make it livable, which put us near or over our first choice house. And that house, had everything we want/need.



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