Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kill 'em with Crest!

(adaptation of "Kill 'em with kindness")

Well I warned you, but here they come.

Yup, the Hill Billies.

They are hitching up their covered wagons and making the trek towards the bright lights of the big city for a 40 year old rivalry.

The rivalry takes at least a 2 year hiatus as MD replaces WVU with the Cal Bears. Fridge is saying he wants to reup with WVU, but that would require a signature . . . I guess we can just take their "mark."

One thing to look forward to the next time we play at WVU? Their humdinger of a half-time show:

How do I feel about MD?

Yup, that about covers it.

So bring on the Terps!


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