Thursday, September 27, 2007

K is for contract

Bad spelling notwithstanding, we put a contract out tonight.

And guess what? They countered with a number REALLY close to ours!

I was told to have my phone close by "just in case", to which I replied "Yeah, right." Well no more than 20 minutes later we got a call, and learned the news.

This is amazing, and awesome, and more than a bit scary.

A house to tend to, a bit lawn to care for, a whole new family that we're creating (March 1st, here we come!), utilities, unexpected repairs, things that break that I could fix on the cheap if I knew how, decorating, moving our stuff in, decluttering, finishing off the basement, meeting the neighbors (!),

a new commute (!!), etc etc etc.

Nervous? Check. Excited? Check!

Now the questions are: Do we accept or counter? and if we counter, for how much?

They were asking for X. We offered X - $28k (which we'll call Y). They countered with Y + $10k. We're thinking we counter with Y - $5k.

My heart says to just accept, but we're going to play a bit of hardball. Basically, I need to improve my "intestinal fortitude" (my polite words, no one else's).


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