Sunday, December 2, 2007

Skins use S. Taylor as an excuse?

In post-game press conference and interviews, both Joe Gibbs and Jason Campbell (two of the worst Redskins performers) invoke the name of Sean Taylor as "reasons" for the loss.

I've been through personal losses in life, I know what it is like. So I won't say that they haven't suffered. But to use the name of Sean Taylor, and that they lost focus down the stretch of the game? When they've blown every other game in similar situations???

Frankly, it's disgusting. They blew it. They played poorly. They made numerous poor decisions. And to say "Oh, well, you know, we were bent up over Sean." That's horse****, pure and simple.

Let's play this game. You think Sean Taylor would have been excited with the poor level of play today? You think he would have been excited with Gibbs BLOWING a last minute timeout situation?

Shame on you all. If you're going to claim that Sean is an integral part of your season and situation, the be real and admit he had no role in your loss. You made bad plays, YOU messed up, YOU lost the game.


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