Sunday, December 30, 2007

Help us now, Jessica Simpson, in our Redskins time of need

Dear Jessica,

I've never asked you for much, but if you can help me out on this one little issue, it'd sure be super duper.

If you and your big

hair, can please give Mr. Romo a telephone call before the game that'd be great. Or heck, why not even just show up to the game unannounced to wish him well? And if you were to get caught on camera, it sure wouldn't hurt for your whole PR game.

The Redskins are struggling, so we can really use the help. And if it makes you and your supposedly very religious father (who wh*re's you out, and has done so since you were 15) feel any better, then our religious coach Joe Gibbs will surely pray with you before and after the game.

Thanks a bunch!


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