Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mark Zuckerman is an idiot

"The Washington Nationals, by all accounts, were a significant success in 2007. Young players emerged. Old ones rediscovered their top form. The organization positioned itself well to transition into its new ballpark. " Mark baby, are you kidding me?

He gushingly continues, "Manny Acta and Jim Bowden, though, still weren't content. Sure, they could bring back the same roster in 2008 and expect further improvement. But the Nationals' manager and general manager wanted more." Oh, how intrepid that Bowden is. What guts, what an over-achiever. He won't hold steady at 73 wins, not THIS guy!!!

This is bad from any perspective you take. Jimmy "Hairdo" is no genius, though he has made several good (Dmitri) and bad (Guzman) moves.

But that first line, it kills me. I don't know a single Nats fan, who upon review and reflection of this past season, would say "Yeah, I was definitely pleased with it. That was a successful year." The 2007 season was all filler and no meat. They just wanted to not be glaringly putrid, so that we can get into that shiny new stadium and pump up the attendance. That'll buy them another 2-3 seasons of sub-.500 baseball.


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