Thursday, December 13, 2007

ESPN Reviews MD's Football Season

And it don't look so hot.

The gist? We stunk; injuries played a bit part, but we didn't make the plays and didn't have the skills needed.

If there is a QB controversy next season, well then shoot me. On the heals of the hoops team losing to the OH-IO Bobcats, well, I'm close to giving up.

Oh, and I love Erin Henderson. He gave it all to the team, and he better get something in return from the NFL.


Yes, the Terps beat two top-10 teams in one season for the first time ever, but at the end of the day, neither Boston College nor Rutgers was in the top 10, and Maryland wasn't better than 6-6 (3-5 in ACC). An absurd amount of injuries -- particularly to the offensive line -- prevented this team from reaching its true potential, but it never quit trying. Following three straight losses, the Terps stunned ACC runner-up Boston College with a 42-35 win and after a rather ugly loss at Florida State, rebounded with one of its most complete performances of the season to close it out with a 37-0 win at NC State.

Linebacker Erin Henderson led the league with 11.1 tackles, but even more impressive is the fact that he injured nearly every body part in the process and kept on playing. It started with a stinger in his right shoulder at camp. He had an ulcer in his cornea at Rutgers, and hurt his knee, causing damage to his LCL, meniscus and popliteal ligament. He broke his thumb against West Virginia, and injured his back against North Carolina.

Biggest Disappointment:
It wasn't a play or a game -- it was a pop quiz, and speedy Florida transfer quarterback Josh Portis got busted cheating on it. He was ruled ineligible for the season and spent 2007 on the scout team for the second straight year. He would have finally had his chance, as starter Jordan Steffy was out with a concussion.

What's next:
Odds are Ralph Friedgen re-opens the quarterback job and the speculation plays out over again. Can Steffy earn his job back? Has Chris Turner earned the right to keep it? Will Portis ever play at Maryland? The bigger question on offense is how successfully the Terps will run the ball without seniors Lance Ball and Keon Lattimore.


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