Sunday, December 2, 2007


Something needs to be done, and quick. USMA football is sinking (well, what's the land equivalent of sinking, since this isn't about USNA?).

You heave a wealth of dedicated and smart athletes. They will literally do anything you ask of them. But your offensive schema isn't working. How do I know this?

Date Opponent Result/Time Record/Tickets
September 1at Akron L 22-140-1
September 8Rhode Island W 14-71-1
September 15at Wake Forest L 21-101-2
September 22at No. 14 Boston College L 37-171-3
September 29Temple W 37-212-3
October 6Tulane W 20-173-3
October 13at Central Michigan L 47-233-4
October 20at Georgia Tech L 34-103-5
November 3at Air Force L 30-103-6
November 9Rutgers L 41-63-7
November 17Tulsa L 49-393-8
December 1at Navy L 38-33-9

You actually played a pretty good schedule. So maybe things can be fixed if you stop playing BC and Georgia Tech. And how could you have known Wake Forest and Rutgers would get really good? But beyond those four, and the newly (in the past 5 years) revived USNA team means you played 7 other teams who are barely real I-A schools.

Do NOT go I-AA (or whatever we call it now). This would be the death knell of your program, as you'd be relegated to second-tier status, and you'd kill your recruiting (for football at least), and it'd be the ultimate sign that you can't compete.

So what do you do?

Gimmick offense.

It's the only way. The triple-option at USNA is legit, and you don't have to take on that offensive system (though a trip-o on trip-o game would be great), but you need some offensive system that teams don't see anywhere else all year. Gimmicks won't fix the D, but they can be helped if your O improves.

Also, you need to either be an overall bigger team, or just faster/quicker everywhere. How bigger? I mean, CB's that are 6' 22olbs; or Safeties that are 6'2" 230lbs. Hit everyone harder. You can't match other schools in size in your lines, so you have to bigger elsewhere.

And/or, you have to be at least as fast and quick. If your Linemen are smaller, they better get quicker. So instead of recruiting OL/DL from HS, get LBs and TEs and teach them the Line skills they need. Focus everything on quickness and technique. We know your guys have the focus to make this happen.

Please don't let one of the most illustrative programs die. We're worried. While on the surface USNA fans were excited by yet another win, but "deep down in places they don't talk about at parties", they are worried. Remember, the rivalry is about "brotherhood". They wan't you to play well, and they don't want you to dwindle on the vine.

This can be done, you can be fixed. You just have to face the situation as it is.


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