Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What I want in a perfect Blackberry Browswer

Combine the Bberry browser with Opera.

I like the scrolling button with the Blackberry Browsery. The down and side scrolling is ideal; the down lets you go through links at a medium pace, the side scroll gives you a slower more detailed scroll. Hitting the space bar lets you zoom past items.

It's nice that Opera uses the side scroll to zoom past items, but it means the down scroll takes years on a link crowded page (think Google Reader Mobile).

The shortcuts with the Blackberry Browser are also superior. I hit "k" and I see my shortcuts. I hit "r" and the page refreshes, I hit "h" and I get my homepage (Remember the Milk). It's way more complicated with Opera.

Pros of Opera are that it loads a lot faster, especially when you account for the data flow initiation. And the Blackberry Browser doesn't seem to cache, which Opera does and really speeds up browsing if you don't mind a static / non-refreshed version of the previous page.

Combine the above, and I'm a happy browsing camper.

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