Monday, November 17, 2008

All roads lead to Tampa


Having spent 3 months there once, I can confirm it rains everday when you and your co-workers are making plans to play volleyball after work.

But Ibor City makes up for it (if you are either just out of college, or act like it).

Here are the roads possibly traveled for the Terps to the ACC championship in Tampa (soon to be updated with ESPN's ACC blog entry).

From Testudo Times

Maryland has three scenarios in which they could win: 1) beat FSU and beat Wake Forest (I vote that route) 2) beat FSU and Wake Forest beats BC or 3) beat BC and Wake Forest beats BC.

Florida State can win with a win over Maryland, a BC win over Wake, and a Maryland win over BC.

BC wins with wins over Wake Forest and Maryland.

Wake Forest wins if they beat BC, FSU beats Maryland, and Boston College beats Maryland.

From Tracking the Terps:

*The Terps would clinch the division Saturday night with a victory over Florida State and a Boston College loss to Wake Forest.

*The Terps beat Florida State, but Boston College beats Wake. The Terps would then win or lose the division based on whether they beat Boston College the following week.

*Maryland loses to Florida State and Wake Forest beats Boston College. Then Maryland beats Boston College. The Terps, Deacons and Seminoles finish 5-3 but Maryland would win the division because of its superior division record. The Terps would have only one division loss.

*Maryland loses to Florida State and Boston College beats Wake Forest. Then Maryland beats Boston College. Maryland and Florida State would finish with 5-3 marks, but the Seminoles would win the division because of the head-to-head tiebreaker.

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