Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to ensure you always know your house's paint colors

Where'd that paint can leftover from the living room go? I put it SOMEWHERE down here in the basement.

Ah, here it is. Oh, wow, hmmm.

"Honey!! What color is the living room?"

Now you are off to Home Depot or a paint store, asking them to match the paint. Only it comes back 97% correct, which means you are going to repaint the entire living room.

No more!

I have invented a handy dandy new tool that solves this problem

The mystery device?


Snap a picture of your paint can's mixture instructions (preferably with a camera phone), email it to yourself with the mixture ratios and you are set.

Next time you need to know, just search your email.

Bonus points if you use Gmail and have a label "House".
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