Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you vote today? Make sure to say "thanks"

If you voted today, and hopefully you did, then there are an unending number of people to thank.

Thank those in the military who sacrifice their lives on your behalf, defending your right to vote.

Thank those in the police, fire and emergency services who risk their lives keeping you safe here at home.

Thank those teachers who help educate us, and make us knowledgeable voters.

Thank those who make America a rich and vibrant place to work and live, those who make the country worth fighting for.

Thank all the generations before you for helping make this country what it is today, despite its many warts and foibles, it is the best option we have. Our history is not perfect, all that we denied the right to vote previously are honored when you do so today.

Thank those voting for the first time, taking up the torch of democracy to shine light throughout the world, bringing increased freedom and justice to all.

Thank those who will vote next, for they are the future of democracy, and we must teach them wisely.

And finally, thank yourself for taking the time to exercise a greatly sacrificed for privilege.

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