Friday, November 21, 2008

Great wall, crazy "food"

I went to Great Wall with my wife for the first time last night, and I'm not sure if I'm going back (she will continue to go, as Great Wall has the absolute best prices on produce we've ever seen; we've saved a lot of money there).

The store itself is rather austere, probably one of the reasons they can afford such cheap prices. I have no qualms with the look/feel of the store. And I really dig all the unique products that they have (I saw a drink that was from the seed of a plant I've never heard of, but by golly it looked refreshing).

Along the back wall (not that great a wall; that joke stunk) they have fish and meats. Which included the following:

I have no clue what a "buffolo" fish is, but there it was. While some of the pics are blurry, it's because the creatures in the pictures were alive and squirming.

PS: that part of the store didn't smell so great.

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