Monday, January 14, 2008

No Wikipedia in college papers

Good point by Mr. Scoble, Professors can control the quality of the papers they receive by . . . grading harder!

While pursuing my MBA, I noticed that to get an A you had to do decently high quality work. But almost anything passed for a B grade. The saying "B is for Business School" sure seemed accurate.

But the point to students should be that it should be obvious that copy/paste from Wikipedia produces a very poor paper. Now using the references, that can be gold.


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via Scobleizer -- Tech geek blogger by Robert Scoble on 1/14/08

I remember back when I was going to West Valley Community College in the 1980s that a few professors at other schools (thankfully not at West Valley) had banned those “newfangled Macintoshes.” They thought that typing on a typewriter made for better thinking processes (seriously, that’s what a few of them thought). Probably so, but I knew then that these folks were stuck in the mud and that we should have, instead, banned the professors from ever setting foot in a classroom again.

I have the same feeling about professors who ban Google and Wikipedia.

If I were a professor and I wanted my students to go deeper than “first level Google searches” I’d just grade tougher. Really, is it any more difficult than that? Geesh.


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