Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jerry Rice, a whiny little girl?

When Tom Brady and Randy Moss connected for two scores this past game, Moss trumped Jerry Rice for the all time WR TD record.

But in his post-game press conference, Moss managed to turn the topic du jour away from the record and onto his scorn of the media.
Prior to setting the record, Jerry was in the media letting everyone know (everyone he could get to listen to him?) that he'd congratulate Randy on the record.
We still know Jerry was the hardest working WR ever (with Walter Payton being the hardest working RB). And we know Randy is still an amazingly talented and gifted receiver. So what have we learned from this? First and foremost for me, Jerry Rice is a whiny little girl. Mr. Rice, the record is no longer yours, and it is no longer about you. I get it, you feel slighted, but you know what? You ARE slighted. Moss BEAT YOU. He is now better in this area. And for you to let a no class punk like Moss get you upset, shows you are a bit too self-involved.
Second, we learn that Jerry also has poor listening skills. Moss wasn't even dissing Rice, it was a slap at the media. If you're inclined to get your knickers in a twist, then you may mishear what Moss said.



Demosthenes said...

Ok, technically Moss broke Rice's record, but he did it in 16 games. If you recall, Rice had only 12 games to score 22 TDs in 1987. That is a huge difference. To me it doesn't seem at all like Moss beat Rice - and he never will.

I would be upset, too. Jerry was proud of his record and he felt that whoever broke it should also be proud. Randy came out and said it was nothing special.

The way I see it, Moss dissed the reporters, but he also dissed Rice by saying it wasn't special (whether this was intentional or not).

Sorry for the angry comment, but I just feel like you went about this post all wrong.

ckstevenson said...

I'll half agree with you, and half disagree.

Agree: Moss took more games. Rice did more in less games. And I absolutely think he was a better player (though Rice is clearly more physically gifted, and Rice 40,000% more dedicated).

Disagree: The record isn't "who scored the most in 12 games", it is "who scored the most in a season". Therefore, Moss is the winner, and Rice a whiner.

I'll take any comment I get, and yours was definitely not "angry". You have good/valid points.

Demosthenes said...

You also have a good point. I guess I just have a grudge toward Moss (I'm a Raiders fan). He never even tried in Oakland - and that made me lose respect for him. Thanks for the response.

ckstevenson said...

Moss SUCKED with the Raiders. He gave up on his way out of MN (the mooning "incident" was both funny, but absolutely stupid; but Joe Buck overreacted). There's no way to excuse his character. That aspect of him is abysmal.

But he's a freak of a WR.

Maybe when he's Rice's age he'll have more respect for the game . . . oh the irony.

Jannelle said...

Hey CK,

I agree with this post here. This was about Moss' backlash at the Media not Jerry.

I found it ironic that in 1987, Jerry had the same feelings that Moss did after eclipsing Mark Clayton. Did Clayton get mad? Nope.

Stop by my blog and look for "Jerry Rice vs. Randy Moss vs The Media" and feel free to check out other entries.

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