Saturday, January 19, 2008

MD get the Gist of winning

YES!!! How do you spell win? "UNC" it is!

THIS is a signature win. THIS is a win that makes up for American and OH-IO losses.

Boom hit what may end up being the most important shot of the season. His "seal down" of Hansbrough, the ball control (sigh of relief), and then the leaning bank shot, amazing. I was yelling at the play went down, I had no confidence, no faith. Now?

MD overcame its previous miscues, and at least one abysmal call by a referee (the last second call to give UNC the ball). The best reaction to these types of calls? None. Don't react, just play; and MD did.

And maybe the best part? ALL the shots of Tarheel fans CRYING. Beautiful. I also caught a lot of boos and angry fans, I think the Terps (aka Grievious) were hootin' and hollerin' and the locals weren't happy with it.

  • MD showed that its stalwart defense is for real.
  • UNC showed that there are chinks to the armor that are for real.
  • Gist gave a biiiiig "F YOU" to those who question his skills and leadership
  • Grievious showed that his play this summer was for real, and he's able to keep the play going.
  • MD's bench showed it can play in the ACC.
  • MD's Freshmen showed they are for real, and can play in the ACC.
The key to UNC is to throw multiple people at Hansbrough. You need to have a bruiser and an athletic player, both of whom have to play him tough on all plays. You need to press each and every shot, box out, and force them to work hard on both sides of the court.

PS: I'm po'd that the MD win didn't make the front page of WaPo, but primaries did. Weee, elections! Not like we don't get inundated with that crud 24x7 anyways...


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