Friday, January 18, 2008

Most popular dog breeds?

The American Kennel Club has a list of the top 10 breeds in the US.

10) Bull dogs, making pugs look cute since 1210. #10: Bulldog

9) Mops are popular? #9: Shih Tzu

8) The poodle, really? A very smart breed, but smart enough to know it looks really really stupid? #8: Poodle
7) Everyone loves a weiner! (is that in bad taste?) Great dog, but it looks like they took a normal looking cute dog and stretched it out. Which I guess means you get extra dog. I'll take it, no mustard please. #7: Dachshund
6) Boxer. I have no witty comment #6: Boxer
5) I'm perfectly ok with a beagle being #5 #5: Beagle
4) I demand a recount!!! Golden retrievers should be at wort 2 in this list #4: Golden Retriever
3) Great, a dog that is as warm and friendly as a German. Good choice people #3: German Shepherd
2) Ok, I'll admit the Yorshire Terrier is small and cute, and my Aunt had one (Muffin). But this is a mini-mop. And very yappy #2: Yorkshire Terrier
1) Everyone loves a big dumb Lab, I concede that one #1: Labrador Retriever

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Danielle said...

German Shepherds must be on the top of thel list =(((
It's the best breed ever!!!

chelsea said...

Does anyone know the author of the Golden Retriever ? or the author's website , i love it and would like to use it in a book im writing about dog breeds

Anonymous said...

the author is an idiot

Anonymous said...

Screw this!
Begals need to be at least #2

Arings said...

great post!

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