Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A simple way of fixing comments on blogs

I, like the majority of the blogging world, have found the existing comment framework to lacking. I think there is an extremely simple fix that would greatly enhance the value of comments. That is for there to be at least two types (no more than 4) of comments. The two best are:
  1. Questions
  2. Basic comments
And these two threads should be segmented, ideally side-by-side in dual threads (two vertical columns). The two types could be altered based on type of blog and content, the type of post, etc. But in reality, the gist of those two types cover 95% of the comments. 

Thoughts? Wouldn't comments below this post do well if on the left-hand side people were to ask questions and the right-hand side people wrote "Great idea!" or "You suck!".

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