Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Trip Advisor, you're idiots

Harsh words I know, but I feel that at the moment.

I appreciate that you need users to be registered with your site to provide a review, but why not let me know that up-front? Instead, I write an entire review, and THEN you make me sign up for your site.

Ok, I thought that was pretty stupid, but I'll deal. It's 2010, we all are registered for 20 sites we'll never actively participate in (I'm looking at you Friend Feed and Friendster ).

But, BUT, you really frosted my cookies when you offered me a FREE GUIDE from your site. 

What, that made me angry? How on Earth is this possible? Oh, because it was for the city I JUST VISITED! W-T-F? How is this going to help me? What do I do with this? Look at all the stuff I missed out on?

Instead, why not offer me a free guide to ANOTHER city? You know, somewhere I'd like to travel to in the FUTURE?

So there, I really stuck it to you, and I'm sure you're smarting. 

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