Sunday, February 28, 2010

I will REALLY miss the Olympics, anyone else? Who is glad to see it go?

Every day and night, on TV (multiple channels no less) there were world class athletes hacking it out. 

I will miss it.

I'm a sucker for the majority of the stories that NBC tells. I actually wish they had spent a month or so before the games letting me know more about who I was going to watch. They did an hour long "first timers" special, which was pretty cool. But why not more? Even if it had been an online only special I would have watched several hours worth on the personalities etc. And for us athletes, I could have taken several hours on who they train, why they train, where they train, who they train with, etc.

And I really would have liked more about the "support staff". The men and women who wax skis, sharpen skates, massage sore muscles, etc.

But I will be sad to see it go. Not thaaaat much longer until London, and having been to Sydney in 2000 I connect more readily with the summer concept, and I can't wait.
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