Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm breaking up with @foursquare (again)

I'm sorry Foursquare, it's not you, it's me.

Ok, it's not me. It's my friends.

See, I don't know enough tech savvy people somehow, and have no true close friends who use you. I realize I'm not the hippest or most tech savvy guy in the world myself. But I have imported over 600 friends, plus another 200 Twitter and Facebook friends. Of that group, exactly two are using you (and one is @Scobleizer, and everyone is friends with him).

Sure, I should take this as a sign I need to branch out more, network, etc. But so far you don’t seem to have enough value to someone like me. And for your sake I’m worried that there are several million people like me.

I will miss checking in at an IHOP near me to show when I’m home (other’s use the Ritz…), and it was fun being the major of a well known government agency, as well as two well used Metro stops.

The badges were cool, but I never really got much out of your recommendations/tips or itineraries. And I never got any freebies either.

Maybe I’ve got it all wrong; maybe I need to keep on trying this out. Maybe we can go see a social networking tool therapist (@Scobleizer I’m looking your way!), work some things out. But for now, my heart and my network just aren’t into it.

All the best, hugs and kisses, and I’m sure you won’t miss me…

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