Thursday, July 3, 2008

250 posts

Made it to 250 posts. And here are some stats on the ol' bloggity blog -

Let's start with the gross number of visitors etc:

3545 seems like a decent number, so does 4081. 1.15 pages/visit though basically means people come and then leave. And the bounce rate hold that up. And they only stay for 15 seconds. And 88.91% means they don't really come back much.

But, given the number of views and posts, I'm averaging 16.34 views per post. That's not too shabby for a useless blog.

Gotta work on repeat customers and "longevity" (maybe I'll ask people to think of Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day; that's a movie quote people, I'm not a weirdo).

Where do the quickly disgusted readers come from?

That graph is a little misleading. Almost all the traffic came from Sports Illustrated on a single post. What's that? I got reference by the greatest sports magazine of this or any time? Something like that.

22% of my pageviews came from a post I did making fun of fat college football coaches. Another 9.7% came from a post I did about Jessica Simpson being a jinx on the doodie-head Dallas Cowboys.

So what was the overall traffic pattern? It was not like LaGuardia around Christmas. It was more like Topeka, Kansas around the 9th of August:

See that Washington Monument looking spike? That's what I like to call the "Sports Illustrated Bump". Which is different from a "baby bump" and nothing like the famed "Colbert Bump".

So what have we learned? Nothing. But I did note that a few people read here. I posted more times than m' lady would probably have liked, and maybe three or four posts were worth it (one of which was when I complained about a financial planning tool,, and got a response from their Lead Designer)
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