Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dear, create user defined categories

I've perused your forum, looked at your pleasant and productive exchanges with customers.

Here's one on budgeting:

Why not do some real analysis of what your users are telling you ("add a category for liquor", "add a category for rental income", "add a category for my pet lizard Bertha") and let us make our own categories. Let us put them under your existing high level categories, or even create new high level one's.

It makes too much sense...


Jason said...

Hi there,

Thanks for your post! We've had custom categories in the works since launch, and it's getting close to completion. The first phase is improving our category and renaming rule behaviors, and the second is full custom categories. I know it sounds simple and an obvious feature, but our auto-categorization algorithms make it more tricky to tackle as we try to make Mint as easy and require as little time as possible for the typical user.

Thanks again for using Mint,

Jason M. Putorti
Lead Designer,

Joshi said...

Thanks for this blog and good to read Jason's comment about custom categories are on completion. I have stopped using Mint because all the data are useless untill I can define custom categories to separate business and personal charges.

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