Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dead Address Book Entries

I disagreed with this.

Had Mr. Feld used a paperbased contact list, he still would have come across the entry for his deceased neighbor.

A sad realization, but true nevertheless.


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I just did a search in my address book for someone and came up with the address book entry for someone I know that died last year.

I was sad.  I sat - paralyzed - for thirty seconds struggling to decide whether or not to delete the address book entry. 

I realized this is a great example of an unintended consequence of technology.  I was not particularly close to this person (they were a neighbor of mine) but I flashed back to a walk along our creek that we had one day while scoping out the location for a new gate that Amy and put up in our canyon.  He was a nice but somewhat troubled guy that didn't live long enough.

Those were memories I probably would have never had again if I hadn't seen his name in the address book entry. 

I decided not to delete the address book entry.


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