Monday, May 19, 2008

What is the value of FriendFeed?

To a novice, it appears to be just another means of aggregating RSS feeds.

The "recommended" people are the most popular/active on the site. Self fulfilling prophecy much? At least Google Reader analyzes my reading habits and makes modestly valid suggestions.

FF requires me to even hide the comments/posts of my friends friends. It is too much noise in the channel to have extra people in my feeds.

And people keep blathering about how this is going to go mainstream. First, there's no chance my Aunt is going to use this, let alone my 28 year old wife. If we can't bridge that ~40 year age gap, let alone get someone who has grown up using a computer to use a more basic version of the tool, how is this not the next SciFi channel? (popular with tech dorks, and no one else)


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