Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to use FriendFeed instead of Google Reader in my 22 minutes of free time?

Dear Mr. Scoble,

I love your blog, and I actually love your shared notes via your Google Reader a LOT more than I did your previous shared feed. Having that context of your thoughts means a LOT (I will read things more often if your comment gives me reason to pause).

I have read a LOT about FriendFeed, but am having a hard time figuring out why I would spend my fleeting personal time on that instead of Google Reader. Can you concisely explain (and hopefully blog on this)?

I think I represent 90% of the working world, I use my "coffee" and '"smoke" breaks for mental sanity and checking up on feeds and the news. I don't have time to review 4000 tweets etc. Around 200 RSS posts a day works real well for me (I can breeze through the chafe via "J" quite well, and I star things I want to read intently later).

If I get paid to actually do work during the day, how can FriendFeed fit into my daily productivity system? (since I know you love Lifehacker and Lifehack so much)

- Chris

PS: I CC'd my blogs email, please feel free to reply to my blog directly with a post (my blog is NOT worth linking to, I'm a nobody)


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